Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hema Malini Mind Blowing Hot Photos

Hema Malini is nice and hot south Indian actress, who now has her name changed back to original name Shruti Prakash. She has two films in Tamil starring and received fame as a glam doll to suspend much of the body in a swimsuit, bikini, sleeveless T-shirts, short skirts, etc. She is also very cute chubby actress. This is her short biography and photo gallery.

A cute picture of the south Indian actress Hema Malini is provided

Actress Hema Malini has not yet received any offers of good films. So far it is only as side actress or a supporting role.She is mainly of Tamil film producers are used to a little spice or spice mix for the film to add. This is adding glamorous scenes for the film shows this kind of small players in the clothing, bikinis, short skirts, swimwear, shirts are so many body parts, without being exposed to it completely naked.

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